Conference and Special Event

Planning and Management


The biggest single investment in any meeting, conference or special event is the value

of the time spent by the attendees. Yet, many organizations unintentionally squander that

investment by ineffectively using the time, energy and potential of their people through

ineffective or poorly focused, managed, or conducted meetings, conferences or events.

Planning, conducting and managing meetings, conferences and special events require specialized knowledge and expertise.

Most agencies and organizations periodically conduct management meetings, large conferences, or special events, but it is not their primary mission or focus and few do so with the frequency and scope that allows them to develop meeting planning expertise in-house and dedicate staff to the time- and resource-intensive tasks critical to success.

Managing successful meetings and conferences involves specialized organization, logistics, communications, public relations, and administrative skills.

A good meeting planner must be a skilled planner, negotiator, stage manager, banquet manager, organizer and diplomat.

In addition, he or she must have a proven track record working with conference centers; hotels; convention services staff; caterers; decorators; audio visual, lighting and sound technicians; musicians; and a wide array of support staff. He or she must also be able to translate the sponsor’s goals and vision for the meeting into a meaningful event.

Three of OQA's Associates have extensive experience in event and conference planning, organization and management. Other Associates have provided support in these areas. They have organized national and regional conferences, management meetings, and symposia for agencies, non-profit and for-profit organizations.


OQA's Associates have planned, managed and conducted conferences, conventions, expositions, meetings, seminars, workshops and community events for more than 30 years. We have managed meetings ranging from 20 person management retreats to conventions for several thousand people, both domestically and overseas.

We have organized farmer's markets, managed regattas and parades, and put on picnics, fairs, craft shows and fundraisers. We have also created and managed outdoor activities centered in national, state, and local park venues.


Our meeting management has been unfailingly acclaimed by sponsors, attendees, and exhibitors for accomplishing objectives and exceeding expectations.