Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS)® System

Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS)® is a comprehensive, integrated system to manage talent in an organization—from Attracting Top Talent to Succession Planning and it includes monitoring Employee Engagement and reinforcing Organizational Culture. Several additional subsidiary components complete the system. HATS will provide you the unmatched ability to:

  • Select the best
  • Coach and develop the best
  • Retain the best

HATS consists of four main components that can be integrated into one system, or used as independent modules. These components are:

  • Recruitment and Pre-Hire Assessment
  • Individual Coaching and Development
  • Career and Succession Planning and Implementation
  • Team and Organizational Development

What makes HATS unique and the preferred choice by over two million people and over 5000 companies worldwide?

> HATS Decision Analytics focus on the critical success and engagement factors for specific jobs enabling employers to use our single, efficient assessment SmartQuestionnaire™ to support and accelerate the entire talent management lifecycle.

Attributes and features of HATS Decision Analytics include:

  • 6000+ specific Job Success Formulas
  • Measures 175 Job Performance Impact Traits, Task Preferences, Interests, Retention and Engagement Factors and Behavioral Competencies
  • Easily customized
  • Reports specific to a person and/or job, position or role
  • 30+ years of research - very high face and statistical validity
  • Meets EEOC and other legal requirements
  • High ROI
  • 40+ languages
  • Used in over 50 countries
  • No contract required

> If you believe that 'Our talent is our greatest asset,' or 'The right talent is our greatest asset,' or most appropriately: 'Our talent relationships create our success,' then HATS is for you because HATS measures how well the employee meets the employer's needs and simultaneously measures how well the employer (and the job) meets the employee’s needs. Result:

  • Talent engagement
  • Work satisfaction
  • Better job performance
  • Better teamwork
  • Better business results


Recruitment and Pre-Hire Assessment:

The Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions® System provides a comprehensive assessment of the behavioral competencies required for a position and accurately predicts success and potential obstacles. Integrated selection tools include performance-based interviewing questions, how to attract the candidate, and the ability to calculate eligibility, suitability, and interview ratings for a composite ranking of candidates. The assessment is web-based and scored online with comprehensive results available within 15 seconds.

Individual Development

Once a person is hired, you now have data from the Harrison Assessment®, which reveals deeply rooted insights that determine essential high performance traits and those that will accelerate or hinder performance related to the specific position to which she/he was hired. These data will pinpoint strengths on which to capitalize and needs on which to focus coaching and development.

Team Development

In today’s specialized work environment, talent is not enough. Talented people must effectively work together in order for the organization to succeed. Harrison Assessments Paradox Theory reveals team dynamics in a way that has never before been possible, enabling individual team members to easily identify how their own behaviors contribute or obstruct the team objectives. It also provides a step-by-step plan in which each team member can make adjustments to facilitate optimal team performance.

Talent Readiness System

The Harrison Talent Readiness System now enables you to fully engage your employees with internal career planning and succession planning while having qualified talent pools at your fingertips. Each employee has a personal career planning system that ranks each internal job according to his/her likely enjoyment and engagement.

Key Benefits

> Employees are engaged and retained because they are offered an easy way to pursue a career within your organization based on their specific employment preferences.

> Succession planning is fully automated, and can be employee driven—employees can access a personal on-line career planning system—enabling HR to focus on key decisions rather than manual tracking.

> Excellent decisions are made due to having a complete view of current performance, education, skills and behavioral competencies as they relate to specific jobs.

> Areas for development-related education, skills and behavioral competencies are clearly identified via the Behavioral Success Analysis reports and Paradox reports.

> The same quality solution is provided for any level of the organization, not just a few levels at the top.

>Create Talent Pipelines—Invite employees to job openings and track employee interest, qualifications and suitability for specific jobs—all on one dashboard.

  • Which jobs they would like most
  • The required qualifications for each job
  • Their greatest strengths
  • How to develop their careers
  • Express interest in specific jobs

Employee Engagement and Retention Analysis

Rather than only gathering satisfaction and engagement data via surveys, the Engagement and Retention Analytics reports gather the key intrinsic behavioral drivers for performance and engagement. These are reported in 8 specific categories and have detailed analysis for the individual and/or group. A group could be a department, a physical location (plant or facility), division, or the entire company. This capability can be used in conjunction with traditional engagement surveys or as a stand-alone to provide leading indicator analytics for making strategic decisions. With engagement analytics, organizations can finally achieve the elusive culture of engagement in which associates share the responsibility for the outcomes.  Engagement analytics refocuses action plans on proactive strategies that advance their value to the organization and for associates. This innovative solution creates a win-win for organizations and associates to drive enhanced engagement, increased retention, mission achievement, improved performance, and increased profitability and growth.  The analysis focuses on:

  • Development Expectations
  • Remuneration Expectations
  • Authority Expectations
  • Social Expectations
  • Appreciation Expectations
  • Communications Expectations
  • Personal Expectations
  • Work Life Balance Expectations

Career Navigation and Planning

The Harrison Assessments Career Guide is a valuable tool for starting, changing, or developing one’s career. It measures more than 200 factors, including task preferences, motivations, work environment preferences, interests, and interpersonal preferences. The system compares a person’s preferences to the requirements of more than 600 careers and determines the most suitable careers. Two other reports can be derived from the system:

  • A career development report that highlights the specific factors that are most important, enjoyable or preferable; and those that are least.
  • A career comparison report that shows how one would 'fit' the requirements of any one of the more than 600 careers in the system.

This application can be useful for career counseling employees in an organization. It also can be extraordinarily useful for someone just entering the workforce or for a student who is evaluating career options.

Other Key Features of HATS

  • Considers all the important factors related to job success for each specific job Uses a different set of factors for every job
  • Eliminates important gaps that reduce the accuracy—and usefulness—of the assessment
  • Measures (e.g., quantifies) all important factors differently for each specific job
  • Assesses eligibility factors by using more than just minimum requirements
  • Evaluates eligibility ("can the person do the job") and suitability ("will the person do the job") relatively equally (something other systems are unable to do)
  • Produces results that relate to predicted job performance and success for each specific job. Produces an overall score for each candidate that enables recruiters and line managers to make consistent and accurate employment decisions
  • The only resumes and references you need to review are those of candidates you decide to 'short-list' based on the overall scores of candidates
  • Develops objective eligibility and suitability data based on weighted criteria, rather than data subjectively derived from reviews of resumes and references
  • Is job-focused and presented in a manner that builds the confidence of applicants
  • Is legal and ethical—meets all EEOC and other legal requirements
  • Is valid and predictive—based on over 30 years of research
  • Uses paperless systems architecture
  • Recruiter controlled and candidate driven
  • 10,000 eligibility factors to consider
  • 175 suitability factors, with definitions, in the assessment
  • Over 6000 job function templates in the system
  • Fully and easily customizable

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