What our clients say...

Our state hosted a S420 class that was put on by Organizational Quality Associates. All the students that attended this training opportunity were impressed with the knowledge base of the cadre. All instructor presentations were rated as excellent. This rating took into account, clarity of instruction, enthusiasm, whether unit objectives were met, and methods used in course delivery.
It was a pleasure to be able to bring in a contractor that could provide the service and quality of instruction that is required for a S420 course. They enable my fire organization to meet a critical training goal. Job well done, Organizational Quality Associates.

Joe Lowe
Division Director
South Dakota Division of Wildland Suppression

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for instructing the S-420, Command and General Staff course in South Dakota. I had the opportunity to observe your teaching methods, interaction with the students, and methods of sharing your experience, and was very impressed. It is clear that all three of you have the skills, knowledge and abilities to teach. You gave the students a chance to formulate answers for themselves, and at the same time assisted them in understanding what is expected of them as a member of an Incident Management Team. Each member of my team who attended the class told me how valuable this training was to them.

Thank you again, and I look forward to having you teach for us this fall in Jefferson County.

Tim McSherry
Critical Incident Response Manager
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office
Golden, CO

I want to express our appreciation for the team building workshop you provided to our park.  This workshop has given us the ability to detect those situations when we are not behaving as a team and to spot individual behaviors that are not contributing to team effectiveness so we can take corrective action.
I fully expect that our team will perform more effectively, and we will have more fun doing it.

Park Superintendent

Thank you for the customer service training you provided in our Regional Office. I was able to identify several areas where I can improve my own customer service and also several that I can use to improve the service by those who are working for me.
This was a superb workshop and even though I had reservations about attending (we were told it was 'mandatory') I am very glad I attended.

(Name withheld by request)
Personnel Division
Southeast Regional Office, National Park Service
Atlanta, GA

Organizational Quality Associates is a company Walla Walla County Emergency Management Department trusts and relies upon to provide exceptional emergency management instruction and expertise. They are credible, confident, knowledgeable and experienced in Incident Command System doctrine.
Further, not only do company personnel keep well informed on business, political and social issues surrounding emergency management nationwide, they also understand the differences inherent in emergency management performed at the local government level. This understanding allows Organizational Quality Associates to adapt their instruction and follow up guidance to fit agency needs and requirements.

Gayla M. Ernst
Walla Walla County Emergency Management Department

On a more serious note, thank you for the kind words and I'm glad we didn't let you down after Bryan said all those nice things about us and our program and created expectations for us to live up to (ha ha). Honestly, the pleasure was all mine and the rest of our gang. You, Jim and Mike were very well received by the other cadre and more importantly, the AHIMT students. OQA, individually and collectively not only raised the bar for us here in New York, you guys set the bar and for that I am truly indebted to each of you.
I fully anticipate trying to do more with you and OQA in the future and would relish the opportunity to work with any of you again in the future. As I mentioned to you guys last week, I have a reasonably substantial amount of grant funds in our State IMT Program for numerous projects and activities to further develop our program. Included in these funds is money for trainees, mentoring/shadowing, field training, etc. and I would love to be able to send some of our people out (on our nickel) to work with any of you on assignments that you may be deployed to in the future. I think we all agree that what many of our people lack is the opportunity to learn from and see ICS implemented as intended by folks like yourselves, rather than some bastardized effort that we too often see or hear about.

Bill Campbell

State Training Officer for the State of New York, OEM