Leadership and Organization


OQA is focused on helping to create high performing organizations with competent leaders. Our background and expertise includes public-sector and non-profit organizations with service delivery missions. The OQA Team provides a unique blend of teaching, technical, programmatic and management expertise to address each client’s management and learning needs. The consulting, design and training teams we can provide have in-depth knowledge of public management and practical experience designing and implementing programs and performance measures. All of our Associates have years of experience in their respective areas and a demonstrated ability to manage large, complex undertakings and produce proven results.

Our consulting practice includes assisting organizations with strategic planning; the development of human resources; change management; the selection, development and training of leaders; process improvement; and quality management.

We can work with each client to determine their specific organizational needs and tailor our approaches to help build their capacity for success. We provide subject matter expertise, assessment and evaluation tools, group facilitation, leadership mentoring, coaching and feedback, and training.

Over the past 20 years we have helped organizations to:

  • Determine strategic direction,
  • Organize or align their workforce,
  • Review organizational structure and/or operational effectiveness,
  • Use state-of-the-art behavioral assessments for recruitment, selection, development and retention of employees,
  • Develop leaders,
  • Improve team effectiveness,
  • Manage employee performance,
  • Design and use performance measures,
  • Resolve conflicts,
  • Improve service delivery.